Samrya 44

Samrya 44

Doha, Qatar

Samrya Qatar entrance

Samrya 44 is a testament to Doha’s vision of making its mark in the international market. With 44 floors of elegantly-designed luxury suites, it adheres only to the highest standards in construction and HVAC.

This is a success story built on a strong foundation of expert collaboration and exceptional technical expertise. The key initiative was to optimize the partially installed Chilled Water System into a workable one which is the VRV Water Cooled with Cooling Towers without compromising as-built site conditions.

"We’ve succeeded to deliver the project which we believe is a trademark given its unique concept and also the considerable enhancement of the final system from the original design wherein we minimized the cooling running cost by 40% and introduced heating, which was not originally conceived for."

- Antonio Ragheb, Head of Mechanical Engineering Erga/SDT Qatar

Preserving site integrity and design

As a chilled water system has been partially installed in the building, one of the main goals of the project was to optimize it into a more customized and energy-efficient solution which will not only provide the basic HVAC needs of the building, but also address potential heating requirements.


Solution at a glance

Reliable VRV technology
VRV IV-W efficiency

  • Ideal for high-rise buildings using water as a heat source 
  • Covers all thermal needs of a building via a single point of contact, accurate temperature control, ventilation, air handling units 
  • Most compact casing available in the market

Plug & play Daikin Air Handling Units

  • Seamlessly integrates in the air conditioning system 
  • Large quantities of fresh air can be brought in 
  • Heat recovery from outgoing air for maximum efficiency 
  • Customisable to the exact building needs
Plug & Play Daikin Air Handling Units
Daiking Intelligent Network

Intelligent Network

  • 24/7 monitoring of the VRV system 
  • Daikin experts maximizes system lifetime 
  • Performance analysis connects you to Daikin experts suggesting ways of improving performance

Daikin service partner

  • Keeps everything running frictionless for peace of mind 
  • Service by the expert 
  • Largest spare parts stock locally for quick intervention

What we delivered

  • Green solution for low environmental impact 
    • High seasonal efficiencies of VRV IV watercooled and heat recovery system
  • Simple and powerful management system
    • Integration with building management control room of Intelligent Touch manager
  • Low total life cycle cost
    • Lower installed cost compared to water-based 4-pipe configuration
    • Optimised seasonal efficiencies
    • Powerful control & management reduces running costs
  • Single point of contact for the different technical solutions
    • Daikin offers total HVAC-R solution
    • Daikin offers a monitoring system & periodic technical reporting
Samrya Hotel room

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Hotel Santos Porta Fira

The Santos Group, the organisation in charge of building Porta Fira, selected Daikin as a trusted partner to deliver a unique, reliable and energy-efficient climate control system for the building.


Crédit Agricole

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Holcim cement plant

The Holcim cement plant relies on state-of-the-art technology to achieve its ambitious environmental and energy-efficiency goals.



As a discount retailer, cost has been a major factor in the choice of HVAC systems for Action, who sought an HVAC supplier that could also give HVAC design and support and offer local coordination in each expansion country.



In its ongoing search to optimise running costs, JBC conducted a site trial with Daikin designed to evaluate the gains generated by Variable Refrigerant Temperature (VRT) technology.


Pomme d'Or Hotel

Air conditioning has become the norm in most new and refurbished hotels. Today’s systems keep guests cool during summer – and additionally provide cost-efficient heating during winter periods. Daikin heat pumps use renewable energy to do this, cutting hotel operating costs. And there’s also a positive impact on indoor aesthetics.


Naturkost Brinkman

Organic specialist retailer Naturkost Brinkman uses Daikin retail refrigeration to deliver improved energy efficiency and in-store comfort.


City Centre Hotel

Chiller change boosts comfort at central London hotel.



Daikin completes the installation and commissioning of the first transcritical CO2 refrigeration solution on the French market at a meat processing laboratory in the Dordogne.


Samrya 44

With 44 floors of elegantly-designed luxury suites, Samrya 44 adheres only to the highest standards in construction and HVAC.

Claerhout Communication House Office

Claerhout Office

Advertising agency Claerhout Communication House opted for our VRV IV total solution for their new open landscape office building which provides office space for 45 employees and a conference room for 150 guests.



Daikin’s VRV IV system delivers modern aesthetics with invisible integration of HVAC.


Action reclaimed refrigerant allocation

Action intensifies its partnership with Daikin for this new ground breaking project: reclaiming refrigerant from its refurbished stores and reusing it.


Radisson Blu and Proximus

The new Radisson Blue hotel in Bruges is located near Bruges station, an area which has seen extensive redevelopment over the past few years. Built by Belgian property developer Group GL, the impressive new tower complex houses not only the new hotel but also a 6,000 square metre area of office space, currently occupied by GL tenant Proximus.


Ibis Budget Hotel, Ghent

In March 2018, the new IBIS budget hotel opened its doors at the Dampoort in Ghent, offering guests outstanding comfort in a modern attractive setting. For the building owner Viktor De Maertelaere, investment in an energy efficient and reliable climate control system was key to the budget hotel concept.


Courtyard Hotel Paris

The Courtyard conversion marks a successful collaboration between forward- looking urban regeneration and Daikin’s flexible, future-proof VRV heat recovery technology.


Prezzemolo & Vitale - Palermo

For the new Prezzemolo & Vitale store in the historical centre of Palermo, a system was installed consisting of Daikin Zeas and VRV units.