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Czech Toyota Motor Manufacturing makes a sustainable choice by joining circular economy program “L∞P by Daikin”

The current Eurobarometer Future of Europe survey shows that 45 % of Europeans see climate change as one of the biggest challenges for the future of the EU1. Most of them expect a solution from the business sector.

With the circular economy program “L∞P by Daikin” the leading manufacturer of cooling, heating and ventilation solutions avoids the production of 250.000 kg refrigerants per year and thereby reduces the industries environmental impact. Now, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Czech Republic has joined the program.

(Kolin/ Ovčáry Czech Republic), September 2021 - “At Toyota, we are actively seeking out any opportunity to improve the environment, following a global corporate vision of zero emissions during the production of vehicles by 2050. Above many various improvements, recycling of materials is among the best improvements to continue in the long term by any company. L∞P by Daikin is opening a new possibility for us to go even further in the recycling of all materials we use during our manufacturing processes, making production more sustainable”, says Koreatsu Aoki, President of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Czech Republic, s.r.o.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Czech Republic handed over Daikin 295.2 kg of refrigerant R-407C, which will be reclaimed and reused for production of new HVAC devices to reduce the production of new virgin refrigerant. Furthermore, three decommissioned chiller units (two from the painting shop and one for cooling the administration building) were replaced by new chillers using refrigerant R-32 with a significantly lower Global Warming Potential.

“We are very glad that Toyota Motor Manufacturing Czech Republic is participating in our circular economy program for key accounts by supporting our ambitions to re-use refrigerants as a valuable resource. It is the first company to participate in this new program in the Czech Republic, inspired by other companies in Europe who made the same positive choice, helping us to recover huge quantities of available refrigerants from existing installations”, says Josef Brož, Managing Director Daikin Airconditioning Central Europe – Czech Republic spol. s r.o.

"To date, more than 20.000 L∞P by Daikin heat pumps with allocated reclaimed refrigerant have been sold by Daikin. Seeing the success, Daikin Europe N.V. decided to extend the approach with the L∞P by Daikin  circular economy program  for key accounts and investors. It is providing a reliable supply of reclaimed refrigerants and helps turning waste into an asset and reusing valuable resources."

Daikin’s long tradition of careful use of resources

Over many years, Daikin ensures that waste materials like metal, copper and aluminium from its production facilities are being recycled. Overall Daikin units are in average made of 80 % reusable materials. They have a long life-cycle and spare parts are available even 10 years after the end of production. Combined with service packages, the unit’s life-time can easily be extended. VRV L∞P by Daikin units with reclaimed refrigerant allocation have been available since 2019. Now, Daikin increases its positive impact as HVAC-R industry-leader by extending the circular economy program L∞P by Daikin to enable key accounts and investors to return their refrigerant and closing the loop.

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