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We are proud to announce the construction of a cutting-edge development complex: brand new eco-friendly and energy neutral building.

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Starting in the second half of 2021. The intention is to inaugurate the test building in 2024.


UGent Science Park in Zwijnaarde


140 million €

We are hiring!

Daikin is looking for 40 + engineers to join our new EMEA development center.

Daikin EMEA development center (EDC) is expanding

Current EMEA development center (EDC) headquarters in Ostend and the branch in Ghent are slowly starting to burst at the seams. Therefore, in the course of 2024 EDC will move to our brand new eco-friendly and energy neutral building in Zwijnaarde!

If you are wondering what is EDC actually doing - here are some hints! Environment, EU Green Deal, climate-neutral initiatives...

EDC plays a unique role in accelerating decarbonisation through research and development of innovative, energy-efficient alternatives to traditional heating solutions, new heat pump technology and solutions for cold chains (food and pharmaceutical products). 

Interesting? You bet! For more insight, check out "A day in a life of an EDCer" in the video below.



Would you like to become an engineer in EDC?

  • We are looking for more than 40 new engineers to join us on our Daikin mission
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  • Get familiar with our EDC center and read about it. Discover which teams we have and what are their expertise and mission
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Which teams are hiring?


As a Development Engineer within our EMEA Development Centre, you will be involved in the development of heat-pumps and commercial air conditionings, taking account of the requirements of the different stakeholders (customers, manufacturing,…).

HEATING TEAM is looking for engineers interested in: Thermodynamic, Controls & algorithms, Structure

AC TEAM is looking for engineers interested in: Thermodynamics, Structure, System control, IAQ efficiency, Performance, Ventilation systems

ADVANCED TEAM is looking for engineers interested in Simulations and Parts.


EMEA Electrics and control department is one of the fastest growing departments and it's part of the EMEA Development Center. Department is responsible for 1. Development of embedded software & hardware 2. Cloud and App development. 

These developments are only possible with the help of our other sections: Innovation & Maintenance and Support & Infrastructure (inclusive testing).

SUPPORT & INFRASTRUCTURE is looking for engineers interested in Software testing


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