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Cha No Ma

Vienna, Austria

Daikin air purification system helps café customers breathe more easily


The centrally located Cha No Ma is a speciality Japanese shop and café offering distinctive snacks and beverages based on Matcha green tea. The installation of Daikin air purification with an Indoor Air Quality sensor offers reassurance and protection during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, maintaining a healthy virus-free environment for customers and staff.

Project requirements

Air conditioning
Air curtain
Air purification
Hot water

Year of installation


Installed systems

  • Multi-Spilt (3 Perfera indoor units)
  • Air Purifier MC55W
  • IAQ Sensor

As a place of relaxation and togetherness, respect for the environment is important to Cha No Ma. Continued investment in ‘green’ climate control ensures customer comfort.

A high quality Japanese brand with proven HVAC expertise and technology, Daikin was a natural choice. The original system was upgraded in 2019 with a Daikin low GWP R-32 Multi-Split system. Discreetly installed at the garage entrance, the outdoor unit links to stylish Perfera wall-mounted indoor units, serving the 35m2 shop/café and 55m2 kitchen/office area.

The café normally seats 8 people. Continuing Covid-19 restrictions mean a take-away only service is in place for now. In 2021, a Daikin Air Purifier with Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitoring was installed to assure peace of mind and safeguard consumers and staff.

Daikin’s flash streamer technology cleans the air, trapping and destroying particles while inactivating 99.9% of the Sars-COV-2 virus. 

The IAQ Sensor measures parameters including CO2, dust and Volatile Organic Compounds in real-time, allowing the owner to monitor air quality via an App and take any countermeasures required. A ‘before and after’ comparison of IAQ parameters demonstrates a significant improvement in IAQ.

Indoor unit with concealed ceiling

Daikin’s air purifier removes harmful particles, allergens and viruses

BREEAM certificate

The advanced IAQ sensor provides continuous monitoring with real-time data 

Daikin Loop outdoor units

A clearly-displayed label assures visitors of a clean, virus-free environment 

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