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Daikin reveals the inside story on the technologies behind the success of its market leading VRV 5 solution


The launch of the lower GWP R-32 VRV 5 system last year marked an important step in the company’s roadmap to reduce CO2 emissions in light commercial and residential air-conditioning applications. Now Daikin reveals how its advanced Shîrudo technology supports the full flexibility of VRV and ensures compliance with the product-specific standards.

There are two key standards governing the use of refrigerants in heat pumps; the generic EN378:2016 and the specific IEC60335-2-40:Ed.6. Given that IEC60335-2-40:Ed.6, is a specific product standard - and as clearly mentioned in the generic EN378:2016 - it prevails over EN378:2016. As such, all systems integrating R32 refrigerant, should comply to IEC60335-2-40:Ed.6.

Therefore, the true benefits of an R-32 VRV system are dependent on keeping additional considerations involved in the design, installation and maintenance related to flammability to a minimum, while enabling maximum  VRV flexibility.

At the heart of VRV 5’s success is a new technology unique to Daikin: Shîrudo technology.  It has all refrigerant response measures factory-integrated and accommodates rooms down to 10m² without the need for any design considerations at any stage of the selection or additional equipment to be installed in the field.

Shîrudo technology – redefining the limits of “possible”

An average mini VRV system with R32 is estimated to contain approximately 6.5kg of refrigerant as a total charge. With the development of Shîrudo technology for VRV 5, the requirements of IEC60335-2-40:Ed.6 can easily be met for applications with a minimum room space as small as 10 m2. In comparison with the same system without Shîrudo technology, the requirements of
IEC60335-2-40:Ed.6 would only be met for applications with a minimum room space surface of
26.8 m2 or more.

Assured of its reputation as the most flexible mini-VRV system, the Daikin VRV 5 with Shîrudo technology offers consultants and installers a convenient, and quick approach to system design and installation at every stage of the project and covering all applications. Delivering top performance, VRV 5 with Shîrudo technology ensures compliance and top performance without the need for complex and time-consuming calculations and/or costly field measures. The combination of outstanding real-life seasonal efficiency, a lower refrigerant charge and the adoption of a lower GWP refrigerant makes VRV 5 a truly sustainable solution with the potential to boost customer environmental credentials while contributing to a better environment.

Shîrudo technology - explained

Shîrudo technology encompasses a complete package of advanced developments, all standard integrated and configured. In the unlikely event of a leak, an integrated sensor present in all indoor units detects the leak and triggers an audible and visual alarm, standard in the Madoka controller. At the same time, the refrigerant recovery to the outdoor unit is initiated and once finished, shut-off valves close to safely contain the refrigerant. Should an additional supervisor alarm be required, this too can be easily integrated via the Madoka controller or a third party alarm triggered via outputs embedded in the system.

The effectiveness of the Shîrudo technology has been third-party certified through a Notified Body (SGS CECEC).

A dedicated video explains in-depth the working of Shîrudo technology:

Fig: key elements of VRV 5’s Shîrudo technology.

Daikin has developed a new web application that illustrates the added flexibility of Shîrudo technology and gives more background to the different F-gas standards. To check the requirements of your next project with R32 VRV 5, visit!#flexiblevrv5

Working together for a better environment now

Daikin is committed to delivering energy-efficient solutions through innovation and the use of advanced technologies that meet key climate objectives while delivering superior comfort and performance. The VRV 5 system with Shîrudo technology is the latest addition to the ever-expanding VRV family of solutions.

To learn more about VRV 5 visit
Shîrudo technology video:


Every year in May we will provide an update of this text.

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