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Leading commercial and industrial refrigeration solutions

Our refrigeration units are engineered for reliability and energy efficiency for all types of small and large commercial applications.



Inverter Monoblock for Refrigeration

Daikin’s latest innovation for commercial refrigeration – a  propane monoblock, specially  designed for small and medium-sized cold rooms, suitable for a very wide range of applications like HoReCa., supermarkets, food industry, logistics, hospitals, data centers, etc.

LMS-Inverter block

Why LMS-Inverter monoblock is the best choice for your cold room?

With LMS-Inverter monoblock, all the components  of the refrigeration cycle, including the compressor, condenser, and evaporator, are housed in a single unit. 

When it comes to cold rooms, there are several benefits to use this plug-and-play system, including:

Easy Installation: LMS-Inverter monoblock is easy to install compared to other refrigeration systems, which often require a separate compressor and condenser unit. This can result in faster installation times and lower installation costs.

Space Saving: Since all the components of the refrigeration system are housed in a single unit, LMS-Inverter monoblock takes up less space in the cold room. This can be especially beneficial for smaller cold rooms where space is limited.

Energy Efficiency: LMS-Inverter monoblock can be more energy-efficient than other refrigeration systems because it has fewer connections and less refrigerant piping, which reduces the risk of refrigerant leaks and energy losses.
Lower Maintenance: LMS-Inverter monoblock has fewer components than other refrigeration systems, which means there are fewer parts that can fail or require maintenance. This can result in lower maintenance costs and less downtime for your cold room.

Improved Performance: LMS-Inverter monoblock is designed to work optimally as a single unit, which can result in improved performance and better temperature control in the cold room

Daikin Enegry Efficiëncy

Energy efficiency

Our heat recovery and inverter technologies significantly reduce your energy costs. Considered best-in-class solutions for commercial refrigeration, Daikin refrigeration units are up to 50% more energy efficient than other units. This high efficiency results in a high return on your investment.

Refrigeration compact design
Refrigeration compact design

Compact Design

Reduce your outdoor installation’s footprint up to 60%, by integrating all of your refrigeration and air conditioning components into a single packaged condensing unit.

Refrigeration durable product
Refrigeration durable product

Durable Product

Daikin’s outdoor units are rigorously tested in our factories. Their weather resistant housing and reliable technology guarantees longer product lifetimes, even in severe weather conditions.

Refrigeration flexible application
Refrigeration flexible application

Flexible Application

Able to accommodate a large temperature range from 10°C to -45°C. Due to this they are suitable for many different refrigeration and freezer applications!


Reliable Operation

Each Daikin unit is rigorously tested in our factories throughout its assembly. With leading technologies and designs, our refrigeration units are considered the most durable solution on the market. Anti-corrosion treatments and resistant casing ensure a long life, even in severe weather conditions. Because refrigeration systems are essential to business, we staff comprehensive service support teams who are available to respond immediately to any emergency.


Meet and surpass F-gas regulations

Daikin refrigeration units satisfy the latest F-Gas regulation targets. By incorporating advanced technologies, our refrigeration units reduce their Total Equivalent Warming Impact (TEWI) to achieve higher energy efficiency and a lower carbon footprint.



CO₂ Refrigerants

With CO₂ refrigerants, we are taking the final step to achieving sustainable refrigeration systems.


Case study: Prezzemolo & Vitale

For the new Prezzemolo & Vitale store in the historical centre of Palermo, a system was installed consisting of Daikin Zeas and VRV units.

United in cold

About the Zanotti acquisition

With the acquisition of Zanotti, Daikin can now provide a diverse product line up for all aspects of the cold chain that extend from those used in food production and transportation (overland shipping) to those found at retailers.

About the Zanotti product range

Zanotti’s commercial range contains a large range of units used for refrigeration of restaurants, supermarkets and distribution centers.

Special air treatment systems are available for maturing of salamis and cheeses, wine conservation and refinement, silos cooling for grain and seeds.

Next to the commercial product range, Zanotti has a complete range for transport refrigeration and industrial refrigeration for applications as the food industry, clean rooms, ice skating rinks,...


Make the HoReCa & Food Retail industry ready for the future with our Zanotti Plug & Play products.

Zanotti Plug & Play solutions offer a complete product range of plug-in refrigeration units for quick installation in cold rooms and freezer rooms, ideal for HoReCa and Food Retail.

Our most popular refrigeration solutions

ZEAS Condensing Unit

ZEAS condensing unit

  • For commercial refrigeration
  • DC inverter condensing unit 
  • Reduces energy consumption by 10-35% compared to non-inverter refrigeration technologies 
  • Small footprint and easy to install indoors and outdoors
  • Intelligent control options 
  • Improved technologies and settings achieve quiet operation
ZEAS Condensing Unit


CO₂ condensing units for medium and low temperature refrigeration featuring proven ZEAS technology. For commercial and industrial applications.

  • Perfect solution for all cooling and freezing applications with variable load conditions and high energy efficiency requirements.
  • Particularly for use in supermarkets, cold storage, blast coolers and freezers, process etc.
  • BLDC inverter swing compressor with onboard 2 stage technology with intercooler
  • Reduced CO₂  emissions thanks to the use of natural refrigerant (CO₂ ) and low energy consumption
  • Factory tested and pre-programmed for quick and easy installation and commissioning
  • Increased installation flexibility thanks to limited dimensions
  • Low sound level including “night mode” operation
Daikin Conveni Pack


  • For small and large commercial chilling, freezing, comfort cooling and comfort heating 
  • DC inverter and heat recovery technology 
  • Reduces energy consumption by up to 50% compared to non-inverter technologies 
  • Modular design allows for flexible installation in small and large commercial spaces 
  • Improved technologies and settings achieve quiet operation
Daikin Conveni Pack

CO₂ Conveni-Pack

Compact system for medium temperature refrigeration, spacecooling and heating, with heat recovery and heat pump operation

  • Energy consumption reduced by up to 50%
  • Lower associated CO₂ emissions
  • Applicable for small to medium-sized applications in: small to medium food retail; commercial kitchen applications; farm & bio stores; petrol forecourt retail solutions
  • Space-saving and installation flexibility
  • Improved in-store comfort
  • Low noise level
  • Heat recovery
  • Integrated heat pump functionality

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Refrigeration for each building type

Whether you're a shopkeeper, hotel manager or run an industrial facility, our Daikin refrigeration solutions will keep your space cool. Begin your project with us by selecting your building type.


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