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Daikin launches Stylish air conditioning unit – where innovation meets creativity


In March 2018, Daikin Europe N.V. will launch Stylish, a new wall mounted air conditioning unit with a brand-new design and unique features. Most consumers today are looking for an air conditioning system that combines the best of performance and design. Stylish strikes the perfect balance. True to its name, this elegant unit complements building interiors while offering premium performance and efficiency. 


Maximum efficiency

Outstanding performance sets Stylish apart from the competition: The unit delivers the highest efficiency in the design segment and scores A+++ * for both heating and cooling. Thanks to its all-new component designs, Stylish is one of the most energy efficient air conditioners available on the market today. What’s more, R-32 refrigerant guarantees higher energy efficiency and lower environmental impact.

Intelligent and efficient design

Stylish maintains its charm discreetly: Measuring just 798 (w) x 189 (d) x 295 (h) mm, it is the thinnest and most compact indoor unit in its market segment. Users can choose from three distinct colours: white, silver and blackwood. When it is set to operation mode, the cover panel moves parallel to the body and blends in perfectly with the design of any room. This function improves the unit’s efficiency while retaining its discrete, stylish appearance. Rounded corners add to the unit’s overall aesthetic appeal.

A closer look inside Stylish and the technology at work

Stylish uses a newly designed fan to optimise airflow for higher energy efficiency at low sound levels.

To achieve higher energy efficiency, Daikin designed a new fan that runs efficiently within Stylish’s compact dimensions. Together, the fan and heat exchanger attain top energy performance but operate at a sound level that is practically inaudible to occupants.

Stylish combines appealing design with outstanding functionality: Superior flow control, plus cooling and humidity control guarantee comfortable airflow throughout the room.

Optimised airflow for perfect comfort

Stylish uses specifically designed flaps to create the Coanda effect, optimising the airflow for a comfortable climate. By using specially designed flaps, a more focused airflow allows a better temperature distribution throughout the whole room. It works as follows: Stylish determines the airflow pattern based on whether the room needs heating or cooling. When Stylish is in heating mode, two flaps direct air downwards (vertical airflow). When in cooling mode, the flaps move air upwards (ceiling airflow). By creating two different airflow patterns, Stylish prevents draughts and establishes a more stable and comfortable room temperature for occupants.

On the top is an example of the Coanda effect in cooling mode (ceiling airflow), while the bottom images show the Coanda effect in heating mode (vertical airflow).

Grid eye sensor maintains stable room temperatures

Stylish uses a grid eye sensor to detect the surface temperature of a room to create a more comfortable climate.

After determining the current room temperature, the grid eye sensor distributes air evenly throughout the room before switching to an airflow pattern that directs warm or cool air to areas that need it.

Overall comfort thanks to climate and humidity control

Comfort is not only related to indoor air quality or temperature; it’s also about humidity. Stylish uses a few different settings to automatically adjust its fan and compressors to create the right balance between temperature and humidity for a room. Inverter technology control is used to manage the cooling intensity and regulate the temperature to the nearest 0.5 degree. This way, the room is always kept at a pleasant temperature and humidity.

Fresh, pure air

Stylish uses Flash Streamer technology to remove particles, allergens and odours from the inside of the unit and deliver the highest quality indoor air.

Designed to deliver superior comfort, performance and efficiency, Stylish is an elegant, discreet air conditioning solution available in a variety of distinct colours and textures to easily blend in to any room.

Smart and easy control

With the Daikin Online Controller now a standard feature, the Stylish series can be fully controlled via smartphone – no matter where you are. All you need to create the perfect climate at home are a Wlan connection and the free Daikin Online Controller app. Contributing to Stylish’s outstanding efficiency ratings, the app provides insights into your unit’s energy consumption.


* for 20-35 class.  LOT 10: energy label classification from A+++ to D



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