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Announcing the winners: Celebrating our exceptional service technicians and installers in EMEA

The Daikin Service Games is an international competition where the world’s best service technicians and installers compete in theory and practice. Using their professional knowledge and hands-on skills, 24 finalists of Daikin affiliate competitions across Europe, the Middle East and Africa have advanced to the EMEA finals. At the regional headquarters in Ostend (Belgium), on the 14th – 15th November 2023, they competed to earn a spot at next year’s global Daikin Global Service Games taking place in Japan.


Organized once every 4 years, this international competition unites Daikin affiliates from all corners of the globe. It empowers field service technicians and partner installers to showcase their skills and deliver the highest level of quality, safety, and customer service.

The EMEA Service Games competition offers a great platform for finalists from across the Europe, Middle East and Africa region to come together as a community, exchange knowledge, enhance skills and engage in friendly competition. 

Field service technicians and installers compete in 4 disciplines

Finalists tackle challenges in 4 key disciplines – theoretical, brazing, troubleshooting and customer satisfaction.


1.      Theoretical: Finalists get 40 minutes to answer 50 questions on a digital platform, spanning topics such as fundamentals of refrigeration, electricity, safety, customer interaction and product-specific knowledge.





2.      Brazing: Hands-on challenge to replace refrigerant circuit parts within a 60-minute time frame. Finalists follow a translated work instruction and have access to a toolbox containing all the necessary tools.



3.      Troubleshooting: Diagnose and repair a malfunction in a unit while ensuring proper operation. Armed with a toolbox and service manual, finalists have 60 minutes to demonstrate their troubleshooting skills and repair expertise.



4.      Customer satisfaction: Finalists are also being scored on the vital role of customer satisfaction and service quality in the overall Daikin Service Games experience. For Daikin, the best technician is not only a qualified technician but should also someone who masters customer communication. During the different steps of the competition, they are thus also scored on questions such as ‘Did the technician address you correctly? Was the communication clear and transparent’.

The winners!

After the competition concluded on the 15th, 8 participants secured tickets to the Global Service Games in Japan! Here are our victorious competitors.

Christian Hiendler from Austria

Francesco Daniel from Italy

David Brown from the United Kingdom

Dean Walker from the United Kingdom

Gauthier Brouckaert from Belgium

Lukasz Kot from Poland

Delfin Christopher from Saudi Arabia

Rajesh Nagjibhai from the United Arab Emirates





Excellence is one of Daikin’s core values

The Daikin Service Games bolster excellence in service quality and a mindset of continuous improvement, known as ‘kaizen’ in Japanese.

Over the past weeks and months, we've witnessed fierce competitions at Daikin locations in France, the Middle East, the UK, Italy, Austria, the Central Europe region and Spain. The winners from these local contests have earned their spots at the EMEA Service Games.

The Daikin Service Games go beyond competition and contribute significantly to Daikin's mission to spread service quality throughout the organization. Upon their return to their local affiliates, finalists share their newfound skills and experiences with colleagues, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and ongoing dedication to first-time fixes.

For more information about Daikin's commitment to excellence, visit


service games 2024

The Daikin Global Games will take place in Japan in 2024!






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