The future of refrigeration is here

As a world supplier and manufacturer of HVAC systems, we are renowned for developing comfortable and sustainable environments for all people and regions of the world. In addition to our groundbreaking work in the HVAC industry, we are also heavily invested in another sector: refrigeration. 


At Daikin, we are committed to investing in refrigeration and expanding our stake in the market. With the acquisition of Zanotti in 2016, we are one step closer to being a major competitor in the industry. Together with our international team, we invite you to join us as we develop and build the refrigeration systems of tomorrow. 

Join our team

As innovators and leaders, we always strive to be ahead of the curve – and refrigeration is no exception. Because refrigeration is a key part of our business strategy, we’re looking for the best refrigeration professionals to bring Daikin the forefront of the industry. 


Daikin refrigeration

Equipped to attain high energy efficiency and reliability, we are leaders in commercial and industrial refrigeration.