Terms and conditions summer campaign

Competition regulations

  1. The competition is being organised by Daikin Europe N.V., with registered headquarters established at Zandvoordestraat 300, B-8400 Ostend, Register of Legal Entities (RPR) Ghent, Department Ostend, under the company number 412.120.336 (hereinafter “Organiser”). 

  2. Participation is completely voluntary and does not entail any purchase obligation. A violation of the competition regulations will lead to disqualification of the participant responsible for the violation. The submission of a photo implies the express acceptance of these competition regulations. 

  3. The following conditions must be observed, in order to participate validly in the competition: The competition is open for all Facebook and Instagram members. The participant can only participate validly, by submitting a digital photo via a private message, or through a public posting of his/her photo on the corresponding timeline, using the hashtag #coulduseadaikinrightnow and by accepting these competition regulations. The photo must be transmitted before 1 July, at the latest by 11:59 PM. Later submissions will no longer be taken into consideration. 

  4. Without prejudice to the provisions that expressly foresee disqualification and that are contained in the competition regulations, the Organiser at all times has the right to exclude participants without advance notification, or to terminate the competition entirely, in case of fraud, cheating or unlawful influencing of participants. 

  5. A jury, which has been established by the Organiser based on expertise, will at its sole discretion indicate 50 winners, taking into account originality of the picture, without owing any explanation for its choice. The jury will select 50 winners from all of the entries. 

  6. The winner of the competition will receive a prize, after proof is provided of his/her identity. The Organiser does not take any responsibility for the technical execution of the prize. The Organiser is only responsible for handing over the prize and cannot be viewed as the producer or the provider of the service. The Organiser also cannot be viewed as an intermediary, broker or agent. By accepting the prize, the winner completely accepts all general conditions that are applicable to the prize he has been given. The Organiser is not liable for an eventual default on the part of the supplier of the prize. The Organiser maintains the right to replace the prize with a comparable prize of the same value, if certain circumstances require this. A prize can never be transferred or exchanged. The eventual counter value of the prize cannot be paid out. 

  7. The Organizer will respect the privacy of every participant. The personal information, which is provided by the participant, will be automatically processed by the Organizer, in conformity with its Policy on Data Protection. By participating in the competition, the participant agrees that his/her personal information is processed, so as to ensure a smooth handling of the competition. The winner accepts that his/her name and/or photo will be published. By means of a letter to the Organizer, the participant can request to have access to his/her personal information, for the purpose of an improvement and/or adaptation thereof. 

  8. The Organizer is not liable for damages that are due to or occur as a consequence of the following: 
    • Correctness, suitability or up-to-dateness on the information that is made available; 
    • Wrong, incorrect, incomplete specification of data by the participant; 
    • Untimely (late) answers or entries; Loss, damage to or illegibility of the transmission, independent of the medium that is used; 
    • Errors in the system or in the design of the contest, both of a technical or an editorial nature; Inaccessibility of the medium; 
    • Problems with the telecommunications, during a connection or the transfer of information; Suspension, stopping or changing of the competition; 
    • A defect in the prize, or damages as a consequence of a use/the execution of the prize; 
    • Force majeure, economic or unexpected circumstances, which force the Organizer to change the competition or the prize. 
  9. If the Organizer should be viewed as liable, then the damage can never be greater than the value of the prize, which was the object of the corresponding competition. 

  10. A complaint is only valid, if it has been made by a participant and submitted in the form of a registered letter, which is sent to the registered headquarters of the Organizer (to the attention of the Legal Department) during the term of the competition, or at the latest within 5 calendar days after conclusion of the competition. Non-written complaints, or complaints that are submitted in an untimely manner, will be viewed as invalid. The Legal Department will take a definitive decision, against which no appeal is possible. 

  11. If any provision of this competition regulation should not be enforceable, or if it is in conflict with a provision of compulsory law, this will not prejudice the validity or enforceability of the other provisions. 

  12. The legal relationships between the Organizer and the participant are subject to Belgian law. Every dispute is subject to the exclusive competency of the competent court in Brussels, Belgium.