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Maintenance services

Extend the life of your system and minimise operational costs with regular
maintenance checks by Daikin.

Maintenance Service Plans​

From complying with the latest laws and regulations to monitoring the performance of your system, we offer three maintenance service plans to ensure your Daikin installation is well-maintained.

  • Basic Care


    Technical inspection focused on general checks, usually can be performed once a year

    • Oil analysis​

    • Electrical & safety components​

    • Visit report​

  • Preventative Care


    This plan covers already all preventive tasks required for diagnosis and optimal performance of the equipment

    • Scheduled and frequent visits for better control​

    • Remote monitoring recommended for quicker response to unexpected events​

  • Extended Care


    Full coverage of installation

    • Includes all possible warranty extensions (labour and parts)

    • All features available for remote monitoring ​

    • Recommended for critical applications that require immediate response​

The Benefits of Maintenance

Discover the advantages of using our maintenance plans.​

  • Costs Savings



    • Decrease running and repair costs​
    • Identify issues in the early stage​

    • Maintenance is always cheaper than ad-hoc interventions​

  • Reliability



    • Peace of mind on the equipment's uptime
    • Improve safety of equipment and all users​

    • Receive assistance from our experienced service engineers

  • Efficiency



    • Optimize energy consumption​

    • Full legal compliance ​

    • Reduce carbon footprint​

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