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EXIGO E1500 - Built for the Journey


Daikin Exigo E1500 is the reflection of our legacy in innovation, reliability, and transport refrigeration expertise. E1500 is the pinnacle of diesel-powered refrigeration, built on an electric-ready platform.


Exigo offers minimum total cost of ownership and maximum peace of mind

  • Full variable speed achieving lower fuel consumption than fixed speed units
  • Electric architecture providing 15kW true capacity both on the road and the grid
  • Highest cooling power of the category in frozen applications
  • Ease of unit operation with high resolution graphical user interface
  • Ease of fleet management via advanced telematics, compatible across platforms
  • Daikin components with proven reliability and lightweight design (over 100kg lighter)
  • Low-noise as standard, PIEK available
  • Reduced maintenance downtime with 3000h service interval as standard
  • 2-year warranty, telematics and maintenance coverage included as standard


Power and fuel consumption chart.

Inverter reduces power and fuel consumption by eliminating unnecessary compressor start-stop

  • Intuitive online fleet management portal

  • Trailer GPS

  • Remote unit control

  • Over the air software update

  • Remote diagnosis and maintenance

  • Geofencing

  • Compatible with existing platforms

  • High resolution backlit color screen by Daikin

  • Advanced diagnostics and service capabilities

  • CAN communication

  • WiFi connectivity with smartphones and PC for driver remote control


EXIGO E1500: Built for the journey

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