Daikin Altherma C Gas ECH₂O

Daikin Altherma C Gas ECH₂O

The wall mounted unit combines efficient gas condensing technology with a thermal store and storage tank to provide heating and hot water for your home. 

GCU compact easy and affordable installation

Easy and affordable installation

The Daikin Altherma C Gas ECH₂O combines heating and hot water storage to create one compact unit. Equipped with Intelligent Storage Management (ISM) and Smart Start Function, this unit continually optimises its operation to attain more energy efficiency and high performance in heating and DHW. This system is ideal for replacing old gas boilers but can also cover the demands of low-energy and well insulated houses and buildings. 

Energy efficient hot water

Thermal Store

  • For hot water production
  • Compatible with any type of heating system
  • Safe and fresh hot water with anti-legionella tank 
  • Connect solar panels to heat your water and store it for later use 
  • Designed as smart-grid-ready to produce and store hot water at low energy tariff periods







Domestic hot water is an important aspect to achieving the ultimate comfort at home. With Daikin’s ECH20 range of thermal stores, you can expect semi-instantaneous domestic hot water at any time. Easy to install and energy efficient, the ECH20 range maintains high standards of water sanitation and safety. The ECH2O thermal store is a perfect match with any technology, including air–to-water heat pumps, hybrid heat pumps or boilers.

Hot water savings with solar energy

Reduce your energy costs by taking advantage of the sun's renewable energy. Our solar panels are easy to install and produce up to 70% of the energy your hot water boiler needs. Equally available for all building types, our solar hot water systems accommodate small and large homes. Choose between a pressureless or pressurised hot water system.


Pressureless thermal hot water system

  • Ideal for new homes 
  • Higher energy performance than pressurised systems 
  • Requires a direct vertical connection from the tank to the solar collectors 
  • If there is no sun, the system automatically drains to prevent frozen pipes




Pressurised solar powered system

  • Ideal for renovations and existing homes 
  • Possibility to use curved piping to connect the tank to the solar collectors 
  • Filled with water and antifreeze to prevent frozen pipes 
  • The system is pressurised and sealed for your safety


Always in control

Always in control

Simply connect your Daikin Altherma C Gas ECH₂O to Wi-Fi and download the Daikin Online Controller app to control the thermostat, set temperature schedules and review your energy consumption.

Download the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

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