How to link Google Assistant to the Daikin Residential Controller app

IMPORTANT: Before following the configuration steps below you have to install the “Daikin Residential Controller” app and connect your units to the Daikin cloud using this app. Voice control is NOT supported by the older “Daikin Online Controller” and “Daikin Online Controller Heating” apps.

  • Download and open the Google Home app on your phone.
  • Login to the Google Home app with your Google credentials or create new credentials.
  • Select the “+” on the left top.
  • Select “Setup device”
  • Select “Works with Google”
  • Select the “Daikin Residential Controller” skill.
  • You are now automatically redirected to the Daikin Login page where you will have to enter your credentials of the Daikin Residential Controller.
  • After some time your Daikin devices are automatically added to your Google Home dashboard.
  • You can now control your Daikin units with voice commands using the Google Smart Speaker or use Google Assistant (not the Google Home) app to do the same with your Smartphone.