How can I remotely connect to my Daikin units when I’m not at home?

The Daikin Online Controller application and the Daikin WLAN adapter have a feature called “Out-of-Home” operation that allows you to connect to your Daikin units when you are not at your home.

For this feature to work, you will need to enable the Out-of-Home operation of all units that you want to operate remotely1. After enabling this feature, you can select a user ID and password to access your units remotely2.

Please note that changes made on the application when you are logged in “Out-of-Home” are not immediately visible on your unit and the other way around.

1 To set up an “Out-of-Home” account:

  1. Select the unit on the smartphone application.
  2. Go to the adapter settings (“Gear” icon in top right corner).
  3. Select “Out-of-Home”.
  4. Enable “Out-of-Home” and follow the on screen instructions.



2 Multiple units can be connected to the same “Out-of-Home” account. To do this, please refer to “How can I add more than 1 indoor unit to the same Out-of-Home account?”.