For F18 DENV had the ambition to increase our Green Heart Result to achieve a Golden Medal.
Within the Green Heart requests, supporting biodiversity is important.

Below you can find some pictures of actions taken by DO-team (e.g. tree planting in Ostend, …)

Daikin Ecoberm

For years now Daikin Europe N.V. is taking action to increase offsite biodiversity by founding a group of voluntary people, so-called ‘DO-team’, and collaboration with local NGO’s .



Not only offsite biodiversity is in the scope of the Green Heart Factory. Onsite biodiversity is in there as well and needs to be improved.

This needs to be done with a clear vision in mind.

As DENV is located near the coastline, it’s our ambition to work on biodiversity by attracting bird species.

Therefore, DENV has taken several successful actions in the last few years to attract bird species. They’ve installed nest boxes and eco-friendly roadsides and have attracted falcons, owls, etc.

All of this is done on Daikin premises.

Next, we wanted to install an insect hotel for two main reasons:

  • Attracting insects, so they can attract birds.
  • Insects help to pollinate plants and crops. By doing this, they provide additional support for biodiversity.

Instead of just ‘making’ and installing an insect hotel, we wanted to take it a bit further.

We want to show our employees, visitors, subcontractors and family members that Daikin is more than just a factory with concrete walls that produces units and has a large environmental impact: exhausting 1300 tons of CO2, discharging 25.000 m³ of wastewater …

We wanted to show onsite that Daikin is more than a ‘product brand’, and that Daikin is also a ‘people brand’ that takes actions to increase environmental awareness amongst employees, visitors, suppliers, customers,…

As a onetime statement and to strengthen our words that Daikin is more than just a product brand, the Daikin logo is used to shape the insect hotel. The Daikin brand is used as an "environmental brand".