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A job with a view

Are you looking for a job on an extraordinary location? Then our Ghent office might just be the perfect place for you!


Working in an office with a view

Short after the establishment of the European Design Center (EDC), the EMEA Electrics and control department was created in Ghent. It is one of the fastest growing departments in order to facilitate and ensure the strong future growth of Daikin. 



Embedded software & hardware development

We develop and cooperate with external partners to enhance our products, keeping them amongst the best in the industry. Also we prepare them to connect to each other to step into the Internet of Things (IoT) era. Typical examples are: a new User Interface MMI on our heating products, gateways to connect to our cloud and App, stylish remote controller with App control.

Cloud and App development

We are developing together with our partners  our cloud platform to manage, steer, … our complete range. Especially for the residential market, we are in the process to incorporate the products into one App. Typical examples are: the online controller App, the residential and commercial cloud.

Advanced Development & Innovation

In this section, the tasks can be divided in 3 categories:

Advanced research of upcoming projects before it goes into real development

Development of innovative new products in both hard- and software algoritms in IoT, AI

Creating a link between Marketing, Sales and Development to customize products to market needs

Support & Infrastructure

Here, we are testing the software developed in Ghent. First, the software is tested following the procedures. After that, there is lab testing, but also automatic testing e.g. with robots.

Besides the testing of the software, this section is also in charge of the set-up of the infrastructure for the IoT platform.

Controls Device Marketing

Besides the development and testing sections, there is also a Marketing section in Ghent.

First of all, they do market research such as SWOT analysis, legislation follow-up, competition analysis... to detirmine the needs and opportunities on the market.

With the outcome of the market research, they develop mid/long term strategies in line with the market requirements and needs.

Together with the development team they define product specifications for new developements based on the market needs.


Gilles Reuse 

27 y/o

Ghent, Belgium

Development Engineer during the day, Rock star in Raider at night! 



Ghent, the city of Artevelde

Historical yet contemporary

Medieval yet hip

City buzzing yet green and peaceful

Ghent, known for it's rich history and typical East-Flemish hospitality, is the perfect place to live in. From historical buildings to contemporary street art, from romantic strolls along the Graslei to 10 days of festivities at Gentse feesten, this city is a pick-and-mix with something for everyone. 

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Chen & Sonal

Chen Wang

21 y/o


Development Engineer during the week, working at an Anti Child Sexual Abuse organization in the weekends.

Sonal Aggerwal

23 y/o


Development Engineer / dancing queen


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