Daikin Europe Academy

Daikin Europe Academy

Develop and grow with Daikin.

Daikin europe academy training

Foster your talent

The Daikin Europe Academy is our internal training centre established to sharpen the knowledge and skills of our employees and business partners. We put our employees first by providing in-house trainings through four distinct programmes ranging from technical and commerce to leadership and management. Employees share their talents, ideas and energy, and we offer them the chance to improve their skills and develop their potential.

Skills training

Sharpen your basic skills such as negotiation, presentation techniques, and quality thinking.

Technical training

Gain insights about new products and markets related to the Daikin brand.

Management and leadership training

Develop key leadership skills with effective techniques for strategic planning, decision making, and more.

Commercial Training

Manage and strengthen the commercial cohesion of a team and participate in practical exercises applicable to real world experiences.