Washing machine and dryer in laundry

Decomposes and suppresses Moraxella bacterium, which causes the laundry's damp odor

It is known that the bacteria causing the laundry's damp odor that occurs when drying clothes in the room are Moraxella bacteria. It was confirmed that the Streamer technology decomposes and suppresses the bacteria that cause this damp odor.

* The results are obtained from demonstration of solely the Daikin Streamer discharge device in an experimental condition.

Demonstration of the suppression against Moraxella bacterium Bacillus (causative agent of the laundry's damp odor)

Testing organization

Japan Food Research Laboratories

Test method

A sample containing 2 ml of the test bacterial solution in a petri dish (φ60 mm) was left to stand in the Streamer generator. The suppression effect was obtained from the results of measuring the number of bacteria after 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 hours. The Streamer discharge device and test bacteria were provided by Daikin. This was measured 3 times

Survival rate of Moraxella becterium bacills after 2 hours of Streamer irradiaton

As a result of the test, it was confirmed that Moraxella bacterium (causative agent of the laundry's damp odor) was decomposed and suppressed by 99.8% in 2 hours after the Streamer irradiation.

* The results are obtained from demonstration of solely the Daikin Streamer discharge device in an experimental condition.

Laundry damp odor illustration

To suppress the laundry's damp odor, it is ideal to dry it within 5 hours!

The most important thing to prevent the generation of the damp odor is the "time from the end of washing to the drying". Moraxella bacteria explosively grows after about 5 hours, so if you can dry it within 5 hours, you can suppress the damp odor to some extent. What we would like to keep in mind here is the trick of drying clothes in the room. First, it is important to hang it in a well-ventilated place. It is assumed that many people hang it on the curtain rail, but it is the worst place because it is easy for moisture to accumulate at the window and there are many germs.
And, we also devised how to dry. You can quickly dry the clothes by hanging the long one on the outermost side of the clothes hanger, the "arch drying" that hangs the short one in the middle, or the "ghost drying" that puts only the sleeve part of the long-sleeved shirt on another hanger... Considering the growth of bacteria, it is recommended to use a dehumidifier or air conditioner equipped with an air cleaning function. If you're worried about odor, please give it a try, as the laundry odor can be suppressed with a little effort like this.