Core Values, Group Philosophy & Corporate Ethics

Our Core Values

Absolute Credibility

We are committed to building relationships based on trust and openness with customers, colleagues, business partners, and communities.

Enterprising Management

We are committed to building the company through encouraging and rewarding the initiative and excellence of all employees.

Harmonious Personal Relations

We are committed to a workplace in which everyone works together with dedication to meet Daikin’s goals and challenges.

Our Group Philosophy

Our Group Philosophy encompasses the fundamental mindset which everyone within the Daikin Group shares. It empowers our people to generate innovative ideas and proposals, make responsible judgements or decisions and take flexible actions in their work.

Our Philosophy in 10 key principles

  1. Create new value by anticipating the future needs of customers.
  2. Contribute to society with world-leading technologies.
  3. Realize future dreams by maximizing corporate value.
  4. Think and act globally.
  5. Be a flexible and dynamic group.
  6. Be a company that leads in applying environmentally friendly practices.
  7. With our relationship with society in mind, take action and earn society’s trust.
  8. The pride and enthusiasm of each employee are the driving forces of our group.
  9. Be recognized worldwide for the optimal management of our organization and our human resources, using our fast and flat management system.
  10. An atmosphere of freedom, boldness and best practice, our way.

Corporate Ethics

Daikin’s Corporate Ethics are an expression of our fundamental values and represent a framework for decision-making. It is the personal responsibility and obligation of everyone within Daikin Europe to respect these high ethical and legal standards of conduct in both letter and spirit, whether they are imposed by law or not.

  1. Securing legal compliance.
  2. Providing safe, high-quality products and services anticipating the future needs of end-users.
  3. Conducting business operations based on the principles of fair competition.
  4. Practicing fair procurement by maintaining friendly yet challenging and competitive relations with suppliers.
  5. Respecting intellectual property and confidentiality of proprietary information.
  6. Timely and appropriate disclosing of corporate information.
  7. Being a company that aims to have minimal environmental impact. 
  8. Ensuring the safety of our operations.
  9. Cultivating a dynamic workplace that fosters pride and enthusiasm in each employee .
  10. Protecting corporate assets.
  11. Practicing moderation in entertainment and gift exchanges.
  12. Maintaining a firm attitude toward illegal, antisocial and unethical behaviour.