Are you a tow-train driver and do you want to show your skill in practice and in relation to your colleagues… Then this is your opportunity. For the first time in DENV history, we’re organising the first Olympics for tow-train driver. In this Olympics we’re organising pre-selections where we will test several aspects of your knowledge and skill in relation to the tow-train. First part of the competition is a theoretical part where we test your knowledge concerning safety regulations and guidelines for internal transport. Next you will enter a practical test. On our tow-train obstacle race we will install several practical test. If you can carry out these obstacles in a safe and efficient way and within a certain timeframe, you have a chance to go to the finals. The practical pre-selection will be organised in F4 building (TOPP/MT shop). The top 10 from pre-selections will enter the finals. The final is organised on Saturday the 24th of April. In the finals we will increase the difficulty level of the practical tests. The test will take place on another location in factory and/or DLC. In these tests you will have to take in account external circumstances. Also you will have to consider the forces that work on to your train combination. These Olympics will be very challenging for everyone who wants to show his/her knowledge and tow train skill. Do yo have the official qualification ‘STILL-PEFRA’, do not hesitate, register yourself and make history within DENV.







The participants below compete against each other in the finals:

Begonja Vladimir, Deketelaere Danny, El Haiba Mohamed, Firoozi Manoochechr, Jaberkhel Naseer, Lobelle Annick, Seru Charlene, Thijs Kelly, Vanden Broucke Kenny, Vossenberg Jordy 


1. Kelly Thijs - 2. Charlene Seru - 3. Mohamed El Haiba - 4. Huda Kadhum - 5. Kenny Vanden Broucke 

DENV Factory Olympics 2021 24-04-21-362 - Copy.jpg
DENV Factory Olympics 2021 24-04-21-352.jpg
DENV Factory Olympics 2021 24-04-21-353.jpg
DENV Factory Olympics 2021 24-04-21-354 - Copy.jpg
DENV Factory Olympics 2021 24-04-21-355 - Copy.jpg
DENV Factory Olympics 2021 24-04-21-356.jpg
DENV Factory Olympics 2021 24-04-21-357 - Copy.jpg
DENV Factory Olympics 2021 24-04-21-358 - Copy.jpg
DENV Factory Olympics 2021 24-04-21-359.jpg
DENV Factory Olympics 2021 24-04-21-360 - Copy.jpg
DENV Factory Olympics 2021 24-04-21-361 - Copy.jpg

Curious about your opponents?

Towtruck deelnemers.JPG

Consult the schedule of the preselections below.

On the left the Excel version, on the right an image (but both versions contain the same information).

Where are the preselections?

For Towtruck this is in DLC Meeting Room (close to DLC breakzone)