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The first airconditioning company that uses recycled refrigants

Creating your circular economy of refrigerants



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Be part of L∞P by Daikin and benefit from the L∞P-effect!

Recover-Reclaim-Reuse program

If you want to go one step further than installing units with reclaimed refrigerant, then our refrigerant service is what you are looking for. Our aim is to collect larger amounts of refrigerant by certifying projects where we recover your old refrigerant and re-use it in new units.

For your Business

  • Attract new customers as a certified sustainable  L∞P by Daikin - Recover-Reclaim-Reuse program member.
  • Care free handling of old refrigerant - we take care of it!
  • Save costs for disposal and deconstruction of the old refrigerant.

For our Planet

  • Make a valuable contribution by choosing units with reclaimed refrigerant.
  • Make a difference by being part of one of the initiatives saving more than 400.000 kg of virgin gas being produced every year.
  • Make a commitment to create a sustainable future.