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Description and focus points

Our customer runs at risk of receiving a heat pump unit that will start to malfunction after 5 years of operation, due to a refrigerant shortage. This because of a vicious, well hidden, small leak, through which the unit is running slowly empty. Do you think you’re Sherlock Holmes and capable of finding the leak in time, and that way spare our customer of some sleepless and cold nights? What are you waiting for, inscribe now for the Leak Test skill in the Daikin Factory Olympics! May the odd be ever in your favour.

Planning preselections

See below the planning of the preselections. Please inform your leading hand of your absence. If you could not be present at the relevant time, please send an email to:

We wish you the best of luck!

Where is the lecture room? 

The lecture room is between the containers of F1 building and DLC. See picture below.