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I have received a control card C3.2A, what now?

I have received a control card, what now?

When will you receive your C3.2A control card?

The control card for October and November will  be distributed on  the work floor on 20 and 23 October.


The control card for December will be distributed at the end of November. More information will follow.


If you  are not present on 20 or 23 October, your control card will  be sent by registered letter to your official address.  


If you have not received a control card by post, click here or go to the section; "I didn't receive a control card or lost it?"

What should you do with your control card C3.2A? 

Read carefully  the instructions on the front and back of your control card.


Fill out the control chart with indelible ink before you start work.


If you want to know how to fill in a control card C3.2A, click here or go to the section; "How do I fill in my control card C3.2A?"

ALWAYS keep your control card when you're working!


IMPORTANT: You must fill in your control card every day  before  the start of the working day. The control card must be filled in when you start working.  During an inspection visit by the RVA on the work floor, you must be able to show your control card. If you do not fill in the control card and have it with you, this may have a consequence for your benefit.