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Our greatest strength lies in our people ! Their passion, skills, competencies and personalities is what makes Daikin so successful since 1924.
Get to know our people, their different roles and get the chance to see Daikin through their perspective. You will understand why Daikin is the greatest place to work!

Meet Miro Kovalenko

“I enjoy ownership and responsibility for the product that I'm working on. I feel that I make a great impact on the product. A lot has been learned up till now during my first 10 months.

I love working for Daikin. The management supports me in my decisions and I feel that I'm being heard. I have impact on how solutions are implemented."


Miro is working as a Product Owner / Tech Lead in Daikin Europe HQ in EMEA Development Center, located in Ghent, Belgium.

He studied Computer Science Engineering at Ghent University. Before joining Daikin, Miro worked for a small startup in the tourism sector. His hobbies are gym, music, podcasts and coding.

Meet Lise De Schacht

"I love the fact that working for Daikin means exploring and expanding your own capabilities, day by day. Since my first day here I have learned a lot and have been able to take up more responsibilities. Next to that, the variety of projects and the international character of Daikin are a big plus for me. During the three years I’m working for Daikin I have already seen so many places and have met so many interesting people. Last but not least, the feeling of belonging to the Daikin family means a lot to me. Without a doubt, I’m having the best colleagues in the world.”


Lise is working as a Marketing Officer in Daikin Europe HQ in the Marketing department, located in Ostend, Belgium.
She is responsible for the internet, social media and lead management strategy of Daikin Europe and its affiliates. She detects trends in the digital landscape, tracks down the needs of our customers and defines actions to fulfil them.


Lise is 28 years old and graduated in Marketing Communication at the university of Ghent. In her free time she likes to grab a bite, see a movie or enjoy a concert.

Meet Gertjan Bosteels

"I love the variety of people and knowledge domains I get to work with every day. Daikin is for me a nice environment because I can rely on the procedures and structure we have. I’m particularly happy with the project I’m on, because I work with suppliers outside of Daikin too. This provides a nice mix of structure and liberty to do things in your own style. Another big plus is the diversity at Daikin, people from all over the world, with all kinds of backgrounds, it never gets boring!"

Gertjan is working as a Development Engineer in Daikin Europe HQ in Ghent, Belgium. He is responsible for the cloud and app development. He collaborates closely with developers, architects and engineers. Next to the technical stuff, there is a lot of management going on. He likes how, on one side he gets in touch with the managers who make high level choices and on the other side the developers who actually do the magic.

Gertjan studied Industrial Engineering (Computer Science). Before joining Daikin he briefly worked as a teacher at HOGent. 

Meet Valerie Coghe

“As a graduate, the business world might seem a bit overwhelming since there are so many options. Me personally, I did not have any experience in the workplace and I didn’t know what role would fit me best. Hence why I chose for the traineeship which Daikin offers. As a trainee, I’m able to get a taste of different departments and connect with many people along the way. Everyday I’m gaining more insight in the company itself and I feel like I’m growing both professionally and personally. I would definitely recommend doing a traineeship if you’re young and eager to explore!”


Valerie is working as an International Trainee in Daikin Europe HQ.



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