• What was your motivation to take up an international assignment?

I was looking for a new challenge to learn and develop myself and expand my experience. Working/ living abroad has always been something that appealed to me.

  • What was the main challenge during your assignment?

This assignment as a whole was a challenge for me from a personal perspective, because it completely changed our family routine since my husband was still working in Belgium and my son and I were in Germany all the time. Professionally, since I needed to learn so many new things, like working with the Trade union, German labour law, the new language, factory and last but not least also getting to know the new colleagues. Especially in the beginning, I was really tired in the evening 😉.

  • What have your learned from this international experience?

That you are capable of more than you think. By overcoming your fears and getting out of your comfort zone, you grow the most.

  • Why would you advise colleagues to go on an international assignment?

Just do it, it is such a wonderful life experience and it really opens your view on things, meeting new friends and it brings such nice memories, not only for you but also for the family.