Testimonial Anthony

  • Destination: Rotterdam, Daikin Netherlands
  • Did your family joined: No stayed in Brussels due to Professional reasons. I was visiting every weekend as it is a 2h drive.
  • Number of years spent there: 4 years, From April 15 to January 19
  • What was the main motivation to go:

Take on a Managing Director Position

Personal Drive and responsibility to lead change in a Dutch organization and to grow the company to become a Large Affiliate

Challenge the belief that I was successful in Greece as Managing Director, because I am Greek!

  • What advice would you like to give or main learnings you've got from your experience?

Your boundaries expand when you go outside your comfort zone

Ask questions – Construct Hypothesis – Dare changes

Ask first – Is it correct for the organization

Employee experience & Customer Experience are equally important

Hard Work and Focus lead to success

Side effect: DANL R14:31mio €; DANL R19: 73mio €