Testimonial Alexandru


DENV - HQ in Brussels


How many years you have spent on your international assignment?

I am now almost halfway on my 2 years international assignment. I can say that I am still curious what the future will bring, because such an assignment can really rearrange priorities and future plans in one's life.


What was your main motivation to go for international mobility?

My career actually started at a very young age in Daikin, in our Romanian Affiliate. This gave me the opportunity to experiment with quite some different positions in sales within the company. When the opportunity to experiment a Headquarter role arise, I have considered it as a very good challenge for my development, but also to complete my understanding of how our organisation is working and what makes it successful.


Last but not least, I was motivated to get the chance to work with new people in many different countries, to understand the business culture of our many different affiliates and of course, striving to have a positive contribution to their success.  That is for me one of the main drivers that fuel me through the days full of meetings!


Main advice / learning experience you would like to give to others about mobility experience:

Both business and private life are very different from the status quo, so if you are really looking for a change, an international assignment is something you need to strongly consider. For me, as a person with a very stable mindset and always striving to have stability for the future was a very good learning experience in order to understand that taking some uncertainty in your life can provide for a very challenging but rewarding experience!