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International Mobility For Temporary Expat Assignments

Welcome to our Daikin International Mobility Platform

As Daikin Europe N.V. we offer you
the chance to broaden your international experience abroad.

Are you interested in taking up a new international challenge?
On a temporary assignment?
If your answers to both questions are "yes" - you are at the right place!



Discover an expat opportunity:

Hello, nice to meet you!

Welcome to a place where you have access to the first information in view of your possible international assignment experience!

Get ready and hop onboard!   :)

Definition of a temporary international assignment: 

1. Your Daikin contract with the Daikin entity you are currently working for remains in place.

2. You will work temporary (max. 5 years) for another Daikin entity for which an addendum for limited duration will be drawn up. 

3. You have the wish and intention to return to your current Daikin entity once the assignment has been terminated. 

Why can International Mobility Experience be important for you?

  • It offers you an unique growth and development opportunity to elevate your knowledge, skills and competences.
  • It gives you an opportunity to expand your professional network and relationships.
  • The skills you learn on an international assignment cannot be learned anywhere else.
  • It increases your cultural literacy.
  • It facilitates the mastery of foreign languages.
  • It broadens your overall perspective - both personally and professionally.
  • If you want to hear more about the benefits and experiences of some our expats, please take a look at our testimonials and/or videos.

What is the application process?

How to indicate your international interest through Daikin People?

What about the international package?

Where can I go?

Explore your options! Check out more information on potential locations available in our Country guides! Take a glimpse into your new potential environment!


Are you interested in an international assignment but you are not sure who to contact? We have the answers to your questions!

Get in touch!

In case of questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our HR International Assignments team via
We are here to help you on your international adventure!

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