Specifications Table for SB.RKXYQ-T8

System Heat exchanger unit   RDXYQ5T8
  Compressor unit   RKXYQ5T8
Recommended combination 4 x FXSQ32A2VEB
Cooling capacity Prated,c kW 14.0 (1)
Heating capacity Prated,h kW 10.4
  Nom. 6°CWB kW 14.0 (2)
Power input - 50Hz Heating Nom. 6°CWB kW 3.5 (2)
COP at nom. capacity 6°CWB kW/kW 4.0
SCOP 3.8
SEER 5.1
ηs,c % 200.1
ηs,h % 149.3
Space cooling A Condition (35°C - 27/19) EERd   2.4
    Pdc kW 14.0
  B Condition (30°C - 27/19) EERd   4.0
    Pdc kW 10.3
  C Condition (25°C - 27/19) EERd   6.5
    Pdc kW 6.6
  D Condition (20°C - 27/19) EERd   9.4
    Pdc kW 4.8
Space heating (Average climate) TBivalent COPd (declared COP)   2.2
    Pdh (declared heating cap) kW 10.4
    Tbiv (bivalent temperature) °C -10.0
  TOL COPd (declared COP)   2.2
    Pdh (declared heating cap) kW 10.4
    Tol (temperature operating limit) °C -10.0
  A Condition (-7°C) COPd (declared COP)   2.4
    Pdh (declared heating cap) kW 9.2
  B Condition (2°C) COPd (declared COP)   3.3
    Pdh (declared heating cap) kW 5.6
  C Condition (7°C) COPd (declared COP)   7.1
    Pdh (declared heating cap) kW 3.6
  D Condition (12°C) COPd (declared COP)   5.2
    Pdh (declared heating cap) kW 4.1
Capacity range HP 5
Maximum number of connectable indoor units 10 (3)
Indoor index connection Min.   62.5
  Max.   162.5
Fan External static pressure Max. Pa 150
Operation range Cooling Min. °CDB -5.0
    Max. °CDB 46.0
  Heating Min. °CWB -20.0
    Max. °CWB 15.5
Sound power level Cooling Nom. dBA 77.0 (4)
Refrigerant Type   R-410A
  GWP   2,087.5
Piping connections Between Compressor module (CM) and heat exchanger module (HM) Liquid OD mm 12.7
    Gas OD mm 19.1
    Piping length Max. m 30.0
  Between Compressor module (CM) and indoor units (IU) Liquid OD mm 9.52
    Gas OD mm 15.9
  Total piping length System Actual m 140 (6)
Notes (1) - Cooling: indoor temp. 27°CDB, 19°CWB; outdoor temp. 35°CDB; equivalent piping length: 7.5m; level difference: 0m
  (2) - Heating: indoor temp. 20°CDB; outdoor temp. 7°CDB, 6°CWB; equivalent refrigerant piping: 7.5m; level difference: 0m
  (3) - Actual number of units depends on the indoor unit type (VRV DX indoor, etc.) and the connection ratio restriction for the system (being; 50% ≤ CR ≤ 130%).
  (4) - Sound power level is an absolute value that a sound source generates.
  (5) - Sound pressure level is a relative value, depending on the distance and acoustic environment. For more details, please refer to the sound level drawings.
  (6) - Refer to refrigerant pipe selection or installation manual
  (7) - RLA is based on following conditions: indoor temp. 27°CDB, 19°CWB; outdoor temp. 35°CDB
  (8) - MSC means the maximum current during start up of the compressor. This unit uses only inverter compressors. Starting current is always ≤ max. running current.
  (9) - In accordance with EN/IEC 61000-3-12, it may be necessary to consult the distribution network operator to ensure that the equipment is connected only to a supply wih Ssc ≥ minimum Ssc value
  (10) - MCA must be used to select the correct field wiring size. The MCA can be regarded as the maximum running current.
  (11) - MFA is used to select the circuit breaker and the ground fault circuit interrupter (earth leakage circuit breaker).
  (12) - TOCA means the total value of each OC set.
  (13) - FLA means the nominal running current of the fan
  (14) - Maximum allowable voltage range variation between phases is 2%.
  (15) - Voltage range: units are suitable for use on electrical systems where voltage supplied to unit terminal is not below or above listed range limits.
  (16) - Sound values are measured in a semi-anechoic room.
  (17) - EN/IEC 61000-3-12: European/international technical standard setting the limits for harmonic currents produced by equipment connected to public low-voltage system with input current > 16A and ≤ 75A per phase
  (18) - Ssc: Short-circuit power
  (19) - For detailed contents of standard accessories, see installation/operation manual