Specifications Table for EWSAH-D9W

Refrigerant Charge TCO2Eq 1.15
  GWP   675.0
  Charge kg 1.70
  Type   R-32
Operation range Installation space Min. °C 5
    Max. °C 35
  Heating Water side Max. °C 65
      Min. °C 5
  Domestic hot water Water side Max. °C 60
      Min. °C 25
Dimensions Unit Width mm 597
    Depth mm 666
    Height mm 1,891
Casing Material   Precoated sheet metal
  Colour   White + Black
Tank Water volume l 180
  Corrosion protection   Pickling
  Insulation Heat loss kWh/24h 1.4
Weight Unit kg 222
Space heating Average climate water outlet 35°C General ηs (Seasonal space heating efficiency) % 252
      Seasonal space heating eff. class   A+++
      SCOP   6.49 (1)
  Average climate water outlet 55°C General Seasonal space heating eff. class   A+++
      ηs (Seasonal space heating efficiency) % 158
      SCOP   4.15 (1)
Power supply Phase   1~/3~
  Frequency Hz 50
  Voltage V 230/400
Current Recommended fuses A 16/32
Notes (1) - According to EN14825 and EN14511:2018