Specifications Table for FBQ-EVM

Dimensions Unit Height Mm 1,400
    Width Mm 700
    Depth Mm 300
Weight Unit kg 46.0
Piping connections Liquid OD Mm 9.52
  Gas OD Mm 15.9
  Drain   VP25 (I.D. 25/O.D. 32)
Control systems Infrared remote control   BRC4C64
  Wired remote control   BRC1C61, BRC1D61, BRC1E61, BRC1E62
Power supply Phase   1N~
  Frequency Hz 50/60
  Voltage V 220-240/220-230
Notes (1) - The air filter is not a standard accessory, but please mount it in the duct system of the suction side. Select its colorimetric method (gravity method) 50% or more.