Specifications Table for MC70L

MC70LVM (Archived)
Casing Colour   White
Dimensions Unit Height mm 576
    Width mm 403
    Depth mm 241
Weight Unit kg 8.5
Applicable room area 46
Air purifying operation Power input Turbo kW 0.065
    H kW 0.026
    M kW 0.016
    L kW 0.010
    Silent kW 0.007
Sound pressure level Air purifying operation Turbo dBA 63
    High dBA 54
    Medium dBA 47
    Low dBA 39
    Silent dBA 31
Fan Air flow rate Air purifying operation Turbo m³/h 420
      High m³/h 285
      Medium m³/h 210
      Low m³/h 130
      Silent m³/h 55
Dust collecting method Plasma ionizer, Electrostatic dust collection filter
Deodorizing method Flash streamer + Titanium apatite deodorising filter
Safety devices Item 01   Safety switch (operation stops when the front panel opens)
Standard Accessories Wireless remote control 1
  Pleated filter 5
  Operation manual 1
Power cord m 2
Power supply Phase   1~
  Frequency Hz 50/60
  Voltage V 220-240/220-230
Running current Air purifying operation Turbo A 0.55
    High A 0.25
    Medium A 0.15
    Low A 0.10
    Silent A 0.08
Notes (1) - Sound power levels are the average of values measured at 1m away from the front, left, right and top of the unit (this is equal to the value in an anechoic chamber).
  (2) - Panel color: white; Display part color: silver