Specifications Table for FDQ-C / RZQG-L8/7V1

Poff (Off mode) W 0.0
Cooling Psb (Standby mode cooling) W 9.0
  Cooling-=-Cooling cdc degradation cooling 0.25
Seasonal efficiency (according to EN14825) Cooling Pdesign kW 12.00
    Annual energy consumption kWh 722.892
    Seasonal efficiency (according to EN14825)-=-Cooling-=-Seasonal efficiency according to en14825 cooling energy efficiency class 5.81
    D Condition (20°C - 27/19) Pdc kW 5.74
      power input kW 0.66
      Seasonal efficiency (according to EN14825)-=-Cooling-=-D Condition (20°C - 27/19)-=-Eerd 8.69
    C Condition (25°C - 27/19) power input kW 0.87
      Pdc kW 6.01
      Seasonal efficiency (according to EN14825)-=-Cooling-=-C Condition (25°C - 27/19)-=-Eerd 6.94
    A Condition (35°C - 27/19) power input kW 3.20
      Pdc kW 12.00
      Seasonal efficiency (according to EN14825)-=-Cooling-=-A Condition (35°C - 27/19)-=-Eerd 3.75
    B Condition (30°C - 27/19) Pdc kW 8.84
      power input kW 1.93
      Seasonal efficiency (according to EN14825)-=-Cooling-=-B Condition (30°C - 27/19)-=-Eerd 4.59
  Heating (Average climate) Annual energy consumption kWh 4,226.603
    Pdesign kW 12.71
    Required back up heating cap at design conditions kW 1.31
    Seasonal efficiency (according to EN14825)-=-Heating (Average climate)-=-Seasonal efficiency according to en14825 heating average climate scop a A+
    TBivalent Pdh (declared heating cap) kW 11.24
      Power input kW 4.14
      Tbiv (bivalent temperature) °C -7
      Seasonal efficiency (according to EN14825)-=-Heating (Average climate)-=-TBivalent-=-Copd declared cop 2.72
    C Condition (7°C) Pdh (declared heating cap) kW 4.73
      Power input kW 0.76
      Seasonal efficiency (according to EN14825)-=-Heating (Average climate)-=-C Condition (7°C)-=-Copd declared cop 6.26
    TOL Tol (temperature operating limit) °C -15
      Pdh (declared heating cap) kW 11.67
      Power input kW 5.91
      Seasonal efficiency (according to EN14825)-=-Heating (Average climate)-=-TOL-=-Copd declared cop 1.98
    A Condition (-7°C) Pdh (declared heating cap) kW 11.24
      Power input kW 4.14
      Seasonal efficiency (according to EN14825)-=-Heating (Average climate)-=-A Condition (-7°C)-=-Copd declared cop 2.72
    D Condition (12°C) Pdh (declared heating cap) kW 5.39
      Power input kW 0.74
      Seasonal efficiency (according to EN14825)-=-Heating (Average climate)-=-D Condition (12°C)-=-Copd declared cop 7.28
    B Condition (2°C) Power input kW 1.86
      Pdh (declared heating cap) kW 7.18
      Seasonal efficiency (according to EN14825)-=-Heating (Average climate)-=-B Condition (2°C)-=-Copd declared cop 3.86
Cooling capacity Nom. kW 12.0
Pck (Crankcase heater mode) W 0.0
Nominal efficiency Annual energy consumption kWh 1,600 (0.000)
  Energy labeling Directive Heating A
  Nominal efficiency-=-Cop 3.75
Heating Psb (Standby mode heating) W 9.0
  Heating-=-Heating cdh degradation heating 0.25
Heating capacity Nom. kW 13.5
Pto (Thermostat off) W 9.0
Power input Cooling Nom. kW 3.20
  Heating Nom. kW 3.53
Cold season included Yes
Notes EER/COP according to Eurovent 2012, for use outside EU only
  Nominal efficiency: cooling at 35°/27° nominal load, heating at 7°/20° nominal load