How can I disable installer mode on a Daikin Altherma heat pump?

​​F​​​or Daikin Alth​erma 3rd generation (for Daikin Altherma 2nd generation see below)

Step 1

Go to your in​door unit.


​​​​Ste​​​p 2

Turn the left dial until the "User profile (User profile)” menu item is highlighted on the screen and press the dial.


Ste​​p 3

Browse through the list of digits by turning the right dial, pressing it to modify the selected digit. Then, turn the left dial to change the selected digit to 1. Do this for all four digits.


Step 4

Once all digits have been set to 1, confirm the code by pressing the left dial. The menu header  has now changed to "User", indicating that installer mode is now disabled.



​​F​​​or Daikin Alth​erma 2nd generation

Step 1

Go to your in​door unit.


St​ep 2

On the main user interface, press and hold the 🛈 button for at least 4 seconds. Installer mode is now disabled.