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Where should I send my control card C3.2A?

Where should I send my control card C3.2A?

At the end of each month, the completed control card must be submitted to your payout institution so that you can receive a benefit.

This can be done via the trade union or the Furlough allowance office (for the latter this can be done by post or an appointment on site).

If you made a mistake when filling in the control card, please include a letter with an explanation. Click here for more information. 

Don't forget to sign your control card before submitting.

Under grid 1 you have to enter and sign the date of signing.

Make sure you always submit all documents (e.g., declaration on honor because of an error on your control card or if you work progressively) together with your control card! 

How to send your control card via the post to the Furlough allowance office? 

Step 1

Put your document C3.2 – employee.


your document C1 – Declaration of the personal and family situation in an envelop.

Step 2

Send this to your HVW-office. Use this link to find the office closest to you.

After you enter your postal code, the office closest to you will pop-up.

Put the address of the office on your envelop.

Now this is ready to be send.