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I'm sick, what now?

I'm sick, what now?

In case of a FULL DAY illness, you must enter "Z" on the control card for that day.


In case of 1 day of illness without a certificate, you also enter a "Z". 



If you are ill on a day of economic unemployment, you will not receive a wage through Daikin but you will be entitled to a benefit through the health insurance fund.


Therefore, notify the health insurance within 48 hours to receive sickness benefit.


For the other days of illness that do not coincide with days of economic unemployment, the normal rules of guaranteed wages apply.

Important remark in case of illness

  • If you work during the week and fall sick, you only fill in sickness on the weekdays. So you don't have to fill in the weekend days.

    For example: if you are sick from Thursday, Nov. 15 to Tuesday, Nov. 21, you indicate Z on the following days - the weekend days remain blank. 
    • Thursday, November 16
    • Friday, November 17
    • Monday, November 20
    • Tuesday, November 21
  • If you work during the weekend and fall sick, then enter sickness on the weekend days but leave the weekdays blank.