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Daikin’s new intelligent Touch Manager launched

Daikin’s new intelligent Touch Manager offers the complete energy-efficient climate control package.

Daikin’s new intelligent Touch Manager (iTM) is a small Building Management System that represents a major leap forward in smart energy management, energy efficiency and climate control.

iTM’s touch screen provides a simple and intuitive interface that allows new and experienced users alike to operate and monitor a building’s energy management system. Available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese, users can choose to view their system via a simple menu or via an interactive floor plan. Both options allow control and monitoring of one or more air conditioning units, as well as other building systems, including lights, fans, pumps and sensors. Users can also view a comprehensive history of the system to help them optimise settings and operational parameters in order to maximise energy savings, improve comfort and enable preventative maintenance.

All of the system functions are directly accessible over the internet, allowing users to control one or multiple building systems remotely, using the same visual layout as the iTM.

Smart energy management
iTM allows users to set system schedules on a weekly, monthly and annual basis. These can take into account holidays and seasonal variations in demand throughout the year, ensuring the system is being operated in the most energy-efficient way.

As part of Daikin’s continuous drive to maximise energy efficiency in all its products and systems, the iTM is equipped with the Daikin-developed Energy Navigator that monitors energy consumption. The iTM provides daily and monthly data and energy consumption projections so that performance can be monitored against targets and previous years.

By pinpointing equipment that is not performing in the most efficient way, building managers can adjust how a system operates (for example, switching off air conditioning in unoccupied rooms or at certain times of the day), resulting in smarter energy management and more energy efficient climate control.

Because the iTM allows building managers to calculate energy usage on a room by room basis, individual billing can be carried out in buildings with multiple tenants.

A flexible approach to building management
iTM’s modular design makes it perfect for large or small applications. An individual iTM can manage up to 512 groups of indoor units. While using the iTM integrator up to five iTMs can be linked to manage up to 2,560 groups of indoor units.

Unique to the iTM is its ability to control lighting, pumps and other systems in a small building management system using the WAGO I/O Modbus interface. The WAGO I/O allows an almost unlimited number of different items of equipment (air conditioning units, lights, alarms etc) to be connected to the iTM via the Modbus interface. This means that the building management system can be scaled to fit the needs of the building and its occupants.

Interlocking to save even more energy
Interlocking with other equipment saves energy and increases comfort. For example, iTM can integrate air conditioning with keycard control systems and occupancy sensors to detect room occupancy status, so that the setpoint can be adjusted automatically or air conditioning switched off in unoccupied rooms. The system can also be interlocked with fire alarms, so it can perform an emergency shut down of air conditioning and ventilation units.

Easy servicing and commissioning
iTM has a host of new features to help engineers when servicing or commissioning equipment.

Uniquely, iTM allows biannual refrigerant checks, (which are required for F-Gas compliance), to be carried out remotely, with no need for the engineer to visit site and without disrupting occupants.

Troubleshooting is also simplified, as the iTM displays maintenance contact information, including contractors’ contact details. It can also send out email alerts to report malfunctions, allowing immediate action to be taken. The iTM can also be connected to Daikin’s own Air Conditioning Network Service System if required.

Commissioning is faster too, using the pre-commissioning tool that allows the entire system to be set up via the iTM. Alternatively, engineers can customise settings remotely and then upload them in one site visit.

iTM – for complete climate control
Daikin’s intelligent Touch Manager is the complete building energy management package, designed to help installers, engineers, building managers and end users get the best out of their air conditioning. It offers a simple and easy way of managing systems to maximise energy efficiency, while maintaining high levels of comfort for occupants.