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Daikin’s fully flat cassette – Design and Genius in one

Daikin has launched the fully flat cassette for its Sky Air and VRV commercial climate control systems. This new indoor unit has an iconic and unique design, providing high energy efficiency and comfort levels.

Blending design with function
The fully flat cassette is the first commercial indoor unit developed specifically for the European market and is the result of a collaboration between Daikin and renowned international product designer yellow design. The cassette is designed to blend seamlessly with modern commercial building interiors and is the first to fit completely within a standard European ceiling tile, enabling lights, speakers and sprinklers to be installed in adjoining panels.

Available in white or white and grey, the fully flat cassette blends design with function perfectly, with its flush fit, four-way air distribution and optional intelligent sensors that ensure it meets the highest demands of architectural design, while delivering excellent comfort and exceptional seasonal energy efficiency (up to A+).

Although this is the first collaboration with yellow design, Daikin has already led the way in creating systems with a high level of design, with its Nexura and Daikin Emura domestic air conditioning ranges that also blend seamlessly with any modern interior design. Daikin Emura won the Good Design Award 2011 and iF Product Design Award 2010 for the quality of its design, workmanship and choice of materials, as well as its high degree of innovation, energy efficiency and functionality. It also received a Red dot Design Award honourable mention in 2010 and was nominated for the Designpreis Deutschland 2011.

Sensor-driven comfort – easily controlled
The fully flat cassette can be fitted with an optional intelligent sensor kit, including a presence sensor and floor sensor, to further improve efficiency and comfort.

The presence sensor can reduce energy consumption by up to 27% by switching off the unit when nobody is in the room.; The sensor also adjusts the air flow direction depending on where people are to ensure comfort throughout the room. This ensures comfort levels and prevents energy being wasted on unnecessary heating or cooling.

The natural temperature distribution in a room is for it to be warmer near the ceiling (as hot air rises). The floor sensor detects the temperature difference between the floor and the ceiling and re-directs air flow to ensure a more even temperature distribution.

Whisper quiet comfort and air quality
The fully flat cassette’s 25dBA sound pressure makes it one of the quietest on the market. In addition to the sensors, it has a number of automated functions designed to enhance occupants’ comfort. For example, air quality is as important as room temperature and the fully flat cassette has advanced filters to remove dust particles to ensure the air is clean. The system is also able to reduce humidity levels, without varying room temperature.

A flexible solution for modern building design
Modern commercial buildings are designed to be flexible, allowing businesses to reconfigure spaces using temporary and permanent partitions. However, this can mean that indoor units end up close to a wall, or in a corner, creating problems with air flow.

The fully flat cassette’s four flaps can be opened and closed to redirect air flow as required, avoiding this potential issue, providing increased design flexibility for architects and reducing potentially costly issues for building owners when it comes to refurbishing buildings.

Reducing environmental impact
Architects and building engineers are increasingly having to design climate control systems to meet ever-tightening environmental legislation. The fully flat cassette, which can be used with Daikin’s class-leading Sky Air Seasonal Smart and VRV systems, cuts energy use dramatically and lowers carbon emissions, without compromising comfort levels.

Daikin’s new fully flat cassette – Design and Genius in one
With the launch of the fully flat cassette, Daikin is once again leading the way in the design and technology of climate control systems. This is not a case of form over function – the fully flat cassette’s iconic design makes it suitable for any contemporary commercial space, without compromising on comfort levels, air quality and energy efficiency.

Whether they are part of a Sky Air or VRV system, the new range offers architects, building engineering consultants, installers, building owners and businesses a flexible and stylish solution to climate control.